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A single platform to digitally manage your KYC requirements, connect to the data sources you know and trust, generate tailored KYC files on your clients and quickly implement regulatory changes in your processes.


Blacksmith tackles industry challenges of Know Your Customer processes

Inefficiencies of Manual Processes

Data is manually filtered and processed and information is scattered across different sources. Banks repeatedly ask their clients to provide and update their KYC information.

No Common Standard of KYC Policies

Banks create their own KYC policies due to the applicability of local regulations, discrepancies in interpretation of FEC legislation and diverse risk appetite, leading to implementation issues of standardized solutions.

Lack of Flexibility and Connectivity

The usage of multiple disconnected solutions within banks often result in lengthy software implementations and repeated configurations to integrate regulatory changes.

Unique Features of Blacksmith

Accelerate Policy Management

Blacksmith’s Digital Policy Manager enables banks to configure their client risk indicators and tolerance levels through an intuitive user interface, enabling them to set their KYC policy standards and filter relevant data points from their trusted data sources.

Ensure compliance with KYC regulations and meet ongoing regulatory changes. Create oversight with smooth workflow and comprehensive audit trails.


Start Collecting KYC Data in Seconds

We simplify KYC workflows, improve data quality and highlight key insights in data to free up your time to focus on other important things.


Search for your client


Enter the Due Diligence Specifics


Download your Customer Due Diligence Report

Use your KYC Policy on leading KYC Repositories

We integrate our Digital Policy Manager with market leading KYC Repositories to enable banks to configure their policy once and use it as an in-source data filter in SWIFT’s KYC Registry.


Digital Policy Manager


KYC Registry


Hassle Free Implementation

Blacksmith guarantees a plug-and-play implementation with ready-to-use API connections with your trusted data sources. Get started quickly with ready-for-use policy rule sets or connect with one of our experienced consultants to help you set up your policy. You can try before you buy and there are no hidden contract fees.

What our users are saying

“I have tested a lot of different KYC solutions. From all of them Blacksmith is my favorite because the platform is so easy to use and I can do my job a lot faster.”

Lee Jing

KYC Analyst at ING Singapore

“Blacksmith prompts the analyst on the identified red flags and specific enhanced due diligence measures at an early stage in the process.”


Signatory at ING Singapore

“The interface of the Policy Manager is really easy to use. Our policy settings can be changed in just a matter of minutes.”


Policy Manager at ING Amsterdam

Who we work with

ING Bank

Powered by ING Innovation Labs

SWIFT KYC Registry

Connected data source and partner with integration of the Digital Policy Manager. The KYC Registry is SWIFT’s solution to standardise the approach to KYC, enhance the overall efficiency in compliance and enable our member institutions to maintain a strong and growing network of correspondent banking relationships.


Digital Innovation Partner of ING Innovation Labs

Bankers Almanac

Connected global data source. Bankers Almanac Counterparty KYC offers unrivalled intelligence on global financial institutions, enabling you to efficiently perform your Know Your Customer (KYC) due diligence activities on new financial counterparties and existing business partners.


Connected global data source. As the national corporate registry of Singapore, ACRA collects vast amounts of business data from close to half a million corporate entities that are registered with ACRA and file key corporate information with ACRA as required by law.

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