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  • Subject Matter Expert – Institutional Clients KYC

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  • Team Lead – Financial Institutions CDD unit

Compliance officers

Minimise the risk of non-compliance with our digital policy manager. Quickly implement new policy rules and regulatory changes in your KYC work processes to ensure that your KYC analysts are working in accordance with the most recent rules and regulations. Reduce the probability of human error, build an audit trail and remain in control.

KYC operations

Gain access to trusted third-party data sources via our DataHub and realise operational efficiencies in desk research and data collection. Automatically generate prepopulated CDD files based on your digitalised KYC policy and the data sources of your choice. Reduce tedious repetitive manual work, focus on added-value risk analysis and increase employee satisfaction.

Front office / Client outreach

With our automatically generated prepopulated CDD files, you can significantly accelerate the customer onboarding process and reduce the client outreach to the absolute minimum. Start working with Blacksmith today and alleivate the KYC burden for your customers and improve the overall customer journey.

Head of KYC

Digitalise your KYC workflow and empower and unburden your teams. Decrease the probability of human error and realise costs savings in your end-to-end KYC process. Minimise the risk of non-compliance and reputational damage.

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