Inefficient data collection process

Are your KYC analysts still wasting precious time retrieving data manually from fragmented data sources? Are your staffing levels going through the roof just to keep up with the workload? Then it’s high time to streamline your data collection process.

Burdensome client outreach

Are your KYC analysts sick and tired of chasing after customers to provide the data that they need to complete a CDD file? Are your customers being inundated with KYC information requests? Wouldn’t it be great if you could obtain nearly all the data you need from trusted third-party data sources?

The benefits of using our DataHub

Connect to our DataHub

Our DataHub provides access to the databases of a number of leading data aggregators that source information directly from primary sources. You can select and set priorities for the various databases. The data from these databases will be used to populate your CDD files and provide the supporting evidence which you can download when generating a CDD file.

Policy Overview CDD File

Trusted data sources

For KYC information on financial counterparties, you can make use of, for example, the Bankers Almanac, Swift KYC Registry, and Bureau van Dijk. We are in the process of adding additional databases for KYC information on non-financial counterparties.

Optimise your KYC process with Blacksmith

We offer a platform to digitalise and automatically apply your KYC policy in the process, collect only the relevant data from the sources you trust, and deliver standardised and actionable CDD files.

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