Is your KYC policy leading?

Is your KYC policy enforced throught the whole CDD process?  If your CDD process is disconnected from your KYC policy how can you ensure that your CDD files are compliant?


Can you rule out human error?

Do your KYC analysts have to spend hours plowing through KYC policy manuals and instructions? How can you rule out human error if your KYC policy is not applied automatically  throughout the whole CDD process?

Is your KYC policy tailored to you needs?

Is your KYC policy tailored to your information needs, risk indicators and tolerance levels? Are your specific requirements and preferences reflected in your KYC policy?

The benefits of using our Digital Policy Manager

Digitalise your KYC policy

The Digital Policy Manager is an easily configurable business rules engine with which you can digitalise your KYC policy. You can either customise a default policy or create your own policy from scratch to generate fully customised CDD files.

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digital policy manager

Automatically apply your KYC policy

The Digital Policy Manager will guide you through a number of steps to digitally transform your KYC policy and define the applicable settings such as: assigning priority to the data sources in the DataHub and assigning risk categories to, for example, customers, products, countries, and key controllers. In addition, you can quickly implement changes in your KYC policy with our intuitive ‘no-code’ user interface.

Collect KYC data in seconds

Collect KYC data from trusted primary data sources via our DataHub and automatically generate Customer Due Diligence files based on your KYC policy.

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Optimise your KYC process with Blacksmith

We offer a platform to digitalise and automatically apply your KYC policy in the process, collect only the relevant data from the sources you trust, and deliver standardised and actionable CDD files.

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