Skyrocketing CDD costs

Are the skyrocketing costs of manually compiling CDD files eating up your KYC budget? Are you aware that you can cut these costs drastically by automatically generating a prepopulated CDD file based on data from trusted primary data sources?

Poor quality, inconsistent or incomplete CDD files

Are you unhappy with the quality of your CDD files?  Is a lack of standardisation slowing down your CDD process? Are your KYC analysts being confronted with a data overload? Wouldn’t you like to  have standardised and actionable CDD files with relevant data, insights and evidence?

The benefits of using our CDD File Generator

Automatic CDD file generation

The CDD File Generator creates customised customer due diligence files with data, insights and evidence driven by your unique policy settings and populated with the data from the databases that you have selected and prioritised in the DataHub. You can view the CDD file and see where action is required and evidence is missing. You can customise the structure of the file and the way it is delivered to you (PDF or API).  The CDD file can be downloaded with or without the supporting evidence.

Optimise your KYC process with Blacksmith

We offer a platform to digitalise and automatically apply your KYC policy in the process, collect only the relevant data from the sources you trust, and deliver standardised and actionable CDD files.

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Product updates: Bankers Almanac document download

In the first of a series of 2-minute videos highlighting new product features and improvements, Blacksmith KYC CTO Jean Herbiere introduces a new feature in Blacksmith’s CDD file generator module.

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