Jorrit Sprakel, KYC Expert at Blacksmith KYC, explains why you can no longer postpone digitalising your Customer Due Diligence process and provides advice on the various approaches you can take to embark on a digital transformation.

Digitalise or pay the price

Digital transformation of the Customer Due Diligence process is essential for Financial Institutions. It is simply not possible to fight financial crime, avoid fines for non-compliance and keep the skyrocketing costs of compliance under control without digitalisation. In order to make the KYC digitalisation journey more viable, there are a number of criteria that can help an organisation to move forward.

Download the full whitepaper

Download the full whitepaper and learn more about how Blacksmith KYC allows you to digitalise your CDD process step-by-step by using an easy-to-use plug-and-play KYC tool.

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